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Screenshots from MobyGames. Antipickle 0 point. Had the original version on C Jimmie Z 0 point Commodore 64 version. War of the Lance? I have this complete. Don't forget some of the silver boxes as well. Antipickle 2 points. Still have all the gold box floppies lmao.

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Did anyone else find the trade bug.. Edge 0 point DOS version. Man played these on the old C Had a ball when I was a kid and still play them now occasionally. DOS Box works fine for me with W Mike -1 point DOS version. Using Boxer on mac to emulate DOS. The game is asking my to "put save disk in F:" and the only colors showing up are black, white, cyan, and magenta. Any suggestions? Bigguy 0 point Amiga version.

I got the Amiga Forever software and it works just fine and pretty simple. Before I got that it was a nightmare to get things to work. To the person complaining about the journal entries, they actually had a reason for that. The game came on 5. Project 64, a precurser to replacementdocs. It measures 94 kilobytes of text. The game itself came on 5 disk sides 2. Curse of the Azure bonds had 4 double-sided disks eight sides. Those were K sides.

Think about how many more disks they would have needed to add all that text. Also it was displayed on a screen with 40 columns and 24 lines of text. MS-DOS managed to get K per side, and using a different architecture manged to use both sides simultaneously for K per disk.

LegitimateEvil -1 point DOS version. I know people name their folders differently just looking for an example to go by. FYI I'm mounting my lines in the options menu for automatic start-up rather than typing them in manually not hat it should matter its the same thing right? Gamer Dad 0 point DOS version.

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Oh God I remember these. Some years ago I ran a sales center on the East coast and one of my first contacts wanted to buy the Pools. I called EA and ask what it I would have to do to become a dealer. I told them what my customer wanted and in 3 days I got it. Then some years ago, the full collection was available by Amiga on one CD, at least I think that is who sold it. It was still in DOS and just as good then as the stuff was when new. Love it1. Truss 0 point Commodore 64 version. On the Commodore 64, load the game without the inbuilt fastloader. When the game ask for the code, enter a monitor or reset and type Monitor G Reset: SYS and the game continues to the menu.

AsiaJennifer 0 point DOS version. Nvm I watched the abandonware guide how to drop and drag the game into dosbox. AsiaJennifer -1 point DOS version. I have dosbox. I downloaded the por dos version. I cant put on c drive because c drive has almost no space! So how do I launch the game with dosbox from my e drive. Let me know thanks. Hydra 0 point Commodore 64 version. Not sure if it's too late to say this but I still have my code wheel from the C64 version somewhere, could always dig it up hopefully if it'd help anyone. MalikaiLorestat -1 point.

Got into gaming with this game on Commondore 64 computer! Never found the pool of radiance though! Techies are too busy trying to sound smart rather than give proper instruction. I have a feeling that people are trying to give instruction without realizing what platform the poster was asking about. Commodore64 version on other sites. D64 files : While this version "works", and there are a lot of sites out there that give you the code wheel, it doesn't work.

Pisses me off because I owned the original game and my Mom threw out my wheel.

The Pools Trilogy - Forgotten Realms novels

Sure it must have worked with some version but I gave up after 5 hours Commodore64 version on this site. D64 files : This ends up prompting you to insert disk 3 I couldn't find a way around it. I was using WinVice I gave up and proceeded with the below. DOS version on this site: So happy I came across this site.

Pools of Darkness: Forgotten Realms: The Pools, Book 2 (Unabridged)

I didn't have to modify any files. I am on Windows 10 bit. To play this game: 1.

Download the DOS version in the link on this page. Download the DOSBox application.

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Launch DOSBox 5. Type "c:" 7. Type "start" For former posters start thinking about the audience. Not everyone is a techy and that's why they post. For help. So make it understandable. Note on the arrow keys not working, you need to use the number pad. Also 7 and 1 allow you to move up and down the currently selected character. Miuna 0 point DOS version.

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  6. Reelphresh - You have to use the number-keys 1 and 7 to scroll up and down in the menu and subsequent selection screens. This is about the only option as far as i know. Reelphresh 0 point DOS version. Laren -1 point DOS version. Game works great and brings back memories. Thought I'd play the series again. Never finished the last one. Pools of Darkness.

    Jake 10 points DOS version. Had this and eventually the other 'gold box' games on the C and wore the disks out playing so much. Half-elves : These share the hardiness of their human half along with the sleep and charm resistances of their elven parent, but not their long lives. And like their elven parents, are capable of noticing things out of the ordinary. Gnomes : These are treated as shorter and slimmer versions of dwarves in the game, although they tend to be a little better as thieves. Halflings : Resistant to magic and poison, they are about half the size of humans and can make decent fighters and thieves.

    Human: The most common race in the Forgotten Realms, they are average in most respects but have no major weaknesses, either. Attributes Each character has a set of basic attributes that affect various abilities, such as combat prowess and how many spells a magic user can memorize before they must rest and re-acquire their spells once again. Strength STR - determines physical power and damage with weapons; also affects encumbrance in combat Dexterity DEX - reflexes and the ability to remain hard to hit in combat; affects ranged weapons such as bows as well as a thief's abilities Constitution CON - a character's health is determined by this and hit points are derived from this score and a bonus calculated against it with every level.

    This also determines a character's chances for coming back to life with a resurrection spell, but in the process, a point of constitution is permanently lost. This is an important score for magic users as it determines how many spells they can memorize and use per level. Wisdom WIS - this is important to clerics and determines how many spells they can store in memory and use Attributes, such as Strength and Dexterity, are also affected by the selection of race and certain bonuses and minuses are allotted across them as a result.

    The alignments available to the player in Pool of Radiance are as follows: Lawful Good - Characters that are based on this alignment strictly interpret the rules and respect order above all else for the benefit of everyone Lawful Neutral - Moderation is far more important than the extreme, balancing their decisions between good and evil Lawful Evil - The strong survive to enslave the weak, but one must rule in order to conquer and order must keep those that follow this character in line.

    An army is always stronger than a mob. Neutral Good - Some rules are needed along with the freedom to decide what is best depending on the situation at hand True Neutral - Everything must be balanced; both good and evil have their place and neither must overcome the other Neutral Evil - Law and chaos aren't as important as the results in bringing evil to the world Chaotic Good - Random actions and the freedom to implement them are more important than the rules in valuing life and ensuring the welfare of others Chaotic Neutral - Randomness and chaos are more preferable to being evil or good Chaotic Evil - This character will go to any lengths to grab power and influence, disregarding anything that may make sense or in cooperating with others to achieve their goals.

    Unpredictable and ruthless. The basic classes are: Fighters - They can fight with any armor or weapons, but have no magical ability. When they reach 7th level, they can get an extra attack per round. Thieves - They can disarm traps, undo locks, and help themselves to anything that isn't well protected.

    They can't wear any armor heavier than leather, but they can backstab in combat for critical damage. Clerics - Fighting priests that can wield a mace, but no edged or pointed weapons, as well as use armor. They pray for their spells and automatically memorize any of the spells available for a level when they reach it. Magic Users - These are the spellcasters of the party and able to conjure the elements or deal damage with their magic. While fragile, they have the potential to be the most powerful members of any party as they become more experienced.

    Locations Pool of Radiance has an extensive list of locations to visit throughout its campaign. The City Council - Here, the party can receive missions and news of other events that may concern them The Docks - The party can use a boat to take them to inaccessible parts of Old Phlan or into the wilderness surrounding the city The Inns - These give the party a guaranteed safe haven to rest Encamp , but cost money to do so.

    Once you being your stay, however, it can last as long as you want it to. The Taverns - Gossip, news, and random pieces of information may filter into the party's ears from a visit or two The Training Hall - This is where the characters can get training from NPCs non-party characters at higher levels than they are, add and remove PCs player characters from the party.

    Training characters can help improve their abilities. The Shops - Every adventurer knows the value of a well stocked shop whether it is in looking for new weapons, armor, or items to save themselves from a poisoned death. They can even identify items for you with the right price. The Temples - Here, players can heal their members or bring them back from the dead, although resurrections are costly to both the purse and to the character being brought back.

    Combat The party-based Gold Box series of RPGs had standardized themselves on the engine that was pioneered with this game for both exploration and combat explaining the similarities between each one. Bestiary Anhkeheg: Large, burrowing, acid spitting insects, these arthropods attack with great mandibles. Basilisk : These reptilian giants traverse the ground with eight legs. Their gaze is known to turn creatures to stone. Bugbear : Giant but stealthy, these goblins fight with unexpected finesse. Centaur : Half man, half horse, these creatures sometimes prove useful allies.

    Pool of Radiance

    Displacer Beast: Large black pumas with tentacles that sprout from their backs, these beasts can displace their location. Drider: Mixture of drow dark elf and giant spider, these abominations weave powerful magics. Efretti : Egotistic Jinn from the fire elemental plane, these magic-users serve only powerful masters. Ettin: Two-headed and giant, these orc-like creatures often dual-wield spiked clubs.

    Fire Giant: Their hair aflame, these evil colossi strike their foes with monstrous, two-handed swords. Giant Lizard: Massive, reptilian cousins of the common lizard, these coldblooded creatures seek food in many areas around the Forgotten Realms. Giant Mantis: Quick and well-armored, these creatures are the large and strong relatives of the common mantis. Giant Scorpion: Much larger than the common scorpion, its poisonous tail can kill an adventurer instantly.

    Giant Snake: Huge, slithering reptiles that strike with a deadly poison. Ghoul : Attacking any living creature on sight, these evil undead may paralyze an adventurer with just a touch. Gnoll : Often exceeding seven feet in height, these hyena-headed humanoids often hunt in packs. Goblin : Small and common in the Realms, these ugly humanoids. Hill Giant: Low in intelligence but high in power, these smaller giants usually wield clubs. Hippogriff : Creatures composed of parts both eagle and horse, these majestic beasts amaze any who catch a glimpse.

    Hobgoblin : Smarter cousins of the goblins, these humanoids may grow as large as a human. Kobold : Small, cowardly, and sadistic, these humanoid xenophobes are excellent ambushers. Lizardman : Particularly delighting in human flesh, these omnivorous, lizard-like humanoids typically inhabit the countryside. Medusa : Snake-haired women whose gaze can turn an adventurer to stone, these mystical mavens of fear toy with no one who draws near. Minotaur : Labyrinthine, bull-headed humanoids, these man eaters prove strong and worthy adversaries.

    Pool of Radiance

    Mummy : These strong undead possess a presence that may cause fear and a touch that may plague with disease. Nymph : Beautiful and youthful, these female creatures tend to inhabit areas near streams, springs, or other bodies of water. Ogre : Large and powerful, these hideous humanoids' foul tempers are legendary. Orc : With the snout and tusks of a boar, these evil humanoids will not tarry when it comes to killing an adventurer.

    Phase Spider: With the ability to phase between dimensions, these monstrous, giant arachnids attack with a poisonous bite. Quickling: Moving so quickly that they become invisible to the naked eye, these small creatures can prove difficult to hit in battle. Skeleton : Usually controlled by an evil force, these undead minions often attack in groups.

    Spectre : These powerful and ghastly undead's cruel touch can drain the life of an adventurer. Stirge: Small, avian creatures that drink the blood of their victims. Thri-kreen: Insect-like and intelligent, these humanoids inhabit burrows and bite with a poison that may paralyze an adventurer. Tiger : Usually prone to feeding on animals, the majestic creatures will occasionally seek the flesh of adventurers. Troll : Fearless, these large humanoids can regenerate wounds. Beware of their rise from seemingly apparent death in battle.

    Vampire : From powerful fighters to magic-users, these level draining undead predominantly and banefully scour crypts and dungeons. Wardog: These canines are trained and utilized by several of the evil races of the Realms. Wight : Life-draining undead, these former humans haunt the land and ruins of the Realms. Wild boar : Angry and aggressive, these untamed pigs fear no spear. Wraight : A mere brush against these apparitions may drain the life of an adventurer. Wyvern : With a poisonous tail and a dangerous bite, these distant kin to the dragons have caused many deaths to unwary adventurers.

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