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Grade 2: Skills Unit 1 Reader

What's the biggest thing a young reader can think of? A house? A tree? A plane?

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A dinosaur? They are all featured in this adorable book. Repeated high-frequency words assist in decoding, and Grande Leveled Books Level aa Nonfiction. Big Leveled Books Level aa Nonfiction. Note: The Flipping PDF Reader program is downloaded in a zipped file as it is a large file, so you will need to extract it before you install it. New books are loaded regularly, so please visit again soon. If you have enjoyed these books you may wish to make a donation so that we can publish more. We have also started uploading worksheets to complement the books. To navigate a set of phonic books, click on the picture that represents the set you wish to use.

SET these books are currently being written and illustrated. Would you be interested in illustrating one of our phonic books? Specialised Educational Reviews. First, kids should think about what makes sense — using the first letter s as a clue.

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Phonics is something kids should use when they still need help figuring out a word. The bulk of the reading instruction I did in the classroom and now at home with my children is with leveled readers. These books have familiar sight words and a lot of longer words that children may not be able to read in isolation but can read with picture and meaning cues. Several systems exist for leveling books.

I prefer the leveling system by two educators named Fountas and Pinnell. For the very earliest readers, leveled books must be purchased online or in teacher stores.

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As children become better readers, it is much easier to find leveled books at the library. For example, leveled books start at Level A. Frog and Toad , an easy reader, is level J.

Sight word readers are similar to leveled readers when they are part of a leveled set. Like leveled readers, children usually need to figure out a lot of the words by using context. The sight word readers pictured above are part of my free emergent reader collection.

My heart sank! Decodable readers are very useful for building up phonics skills, but if they are used in isolation, children do not learn to correct for meaning or syntax.

Why the lesson on how kids learn to read? Where to find decodable books for teaching short a. But as far as decodable books go, these are pretty good. The illustrations are cute and colorful. The stories are all right.

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Reading A-Z , however, is more than all right. The website has small collection of decodable books, a giant collection of leveled readers, and more.

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The best part? You can view every book before you download it. This book can be printed in black and white from the Starfall website. I believe you can only find one book for the short a sound. Starfall also sells its books in paperback and full color.

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But the books quickly move to the next level, so you will not get a lot of reinforcement for each short vowel. We love it! Becky a reading specialist and mom has designed a curriculum that beautifully balances sight words and phonics. She has a sight word reader for each lesson and a phonetic reader for each of the five short vowels. Because she uses sight words as well as decodable words, this book is not stilted and strange like many phonetic books. This book is part of a series called Dr. As far as phonics readers go, these are pretty good. However, you will not find a large selection for each short vowel.

The books advance very quickly — too quickly for kids just learning new words. These are free black-and-white readers made with MS Office clip art. Nice for kids who know a few sight words but are just starting to sound out words. You can download these free black and white readers at funphonics. Fun Phonics has two books for each short vowel and a set of books combining all the short vowels. Since the books use a small set of sight words, they are easier to read than some other decodable books that you find.

However, be aware that the stories jump around and are quite contrived.

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These I like! The short a words are big and red, so that your child chimes in when you get to them. Love them!

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