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The editors intention in aiming at advanced students and young researchers, as well at experienced researchers with different backgrounds is perfectly fulfilled.

Ultracold Atoms and Molecules - Deborah Jin

The physics of ultracold atoms and molecules is extensively surveyed, including phenomena such as Bose-Einstein condensation, strongly interacting quantum gases and ultracold molecules. Arising from a combined workshop and training school, the book contains tutorial introductions on optical cooling, quantum collisions, experimental methods, degenerate gases, and cold molecules. Topical reports review the main research lines in the field of atomic and molecular quantum gases, and many short contributions highlight specific recent achievements. Numerous highly-renowned researchers have contributed to this book, making it equally useful as an introductory text for the advanced student and the senior researcher.

His group experimentally explores the physics of ultracold atomic and molecular gases in very different environments ranging from tiny optical traps to large-scale heavy-ion storage rings. His scientific activities range from laser development, non-linear optics and precision spectroscopy to optical cooling and ultra cold quantum gases.

Fractal universality in near-threshold magnetic lanthanide dimers

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Arising from a workshop, this book surveys the physics of ultracold atoms and molecules taking into consideration the latest research on ultracold phenomena, such as Bose Einstein condensation and quantum computing. Several reputed authors provide an introduction to the field, covering recent experimental results on atom and molecule cooling as well as the theoretical treatment. Read more Read less. Review "The intention of addressing readers beyond the community of insiders is definitely fulfilled.

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Tell the Publisher! Ultracold Rydberg Gases and Plasmas P. Gould, et al. Interactions in Ultracold Atomic Mixtures G. Bloch, et al. Claussen, et al.

Ultracold molecules hold promise for quantum computing | MIT News

Formation and Trapping of Cold Molecules D. Comparat, et al. Deceleration and Trapping of Polar Molecules G. Physics with Cold Molecular Ions D. Zajfman, et al. Sauer, et al. III Developments. Interactions in Trapped Atomic Gases.

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Bose-Einstein Condensation and Fermi Degeneracy. Cold Molecules. Manipulation of Molecules. Ultracold gases. Issue Vol. Authorization Required. Log In. Figure 1 Basic level scheme to control interactions using electromagnetically induced transparency EIT.

Interactions in Ultracold Gases : From Atoms to Molecules

Figure 2 Optical control of the two-body scattering length near the energy-dependent narrow Feshbach resonance of Li 6 at Sign up to receive regular email alerts from Physical Review Letters. Journal: Phys. X Rev. A Phys. B Phys.

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