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All transactions must be recorded accurately and promptly and held for audit purposes. In so doing, we will endeavor to confirm the true nature, trading history and identity of any business entity.

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As part of this process LMS will actively encourage all parties to comply with this Code and any other appropriate policies and procedures. Employees must not exploit their position or influence, or misuse any LMS asset including confidential information, for their own personal gain or benefit or that of an unauthorized third party. This also precludes any unfair bias or favoritism during the recruitment of personnel or any other business activity.

Any potential conflict of interest must be reported to senior management. We ensure that all of our activities are carried out lawfully and comply with the terms and conditions of our export control licenses and any imposed international restrictions. We operate within strict guidelines, which include Rules on the Use of Force when employing armed guards.

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We maintain global oversight of our legal responsibilities through government and local engagement and membership of regulatory industry bodies. We believe that all businesses and organizations, including ourselves, should avoid causing any adverse effect on human rights. Issues of gender, race, religion, colour, age, personal disability or sexual orientation must never influence our decisions or actions. All employment decisions will be made on qualifications and competency compared to clearly stated job specifications. LMS will not tolerate any form of harassment or abuse; employees or co-workers should report any harassment or discriminatory behaviour to senior management or a Human Resources representative.

Further to this we will not, and require that our personnel do not, participate in, encourage, or seek to benefit from any national or international crimes including but not limited to war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, torture, enforced disappearance, forced or compulsory labour, hostage-taking, sexual or gender-based violence, human trafficking, the trafficking of weapons or drugs, child labour or extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions.

We are committed to openness and honesty, and oppose financial crime of any kind.

Personnel must not, promise, offer or give to any person or public official, directly or indirectly, anything of value for the public official them self or another person or entity, in order for that person to act or refrain from acting in the exercise of his or her official duties if such inducement is illegal. Further to this LMS does not directly or indirectly make political contributions or donations. Personnel found to have involvement with any such corruption will face disciplinary action and will be reported to the appropriate authorities. LMS has a detailed Anti-Bribery Policy, which all parties should refer to in connection with your specific anti-bribery obligations.

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The receipt or provision of any appropriate or authorized gift or hospitality must be reported and recorded. Any inappropriate offer or request for gifts or hospitality must be reported to senior management. Again, please refer to our Anti-Bribery Policy for further details.

We have implemented a variety of measures including our Health and Safety Policy and a safe system of work to ensure a safe working environment. We recognize the inherent dangers and limitations presented by the complex environments in which we operate and ensure that reasonable precautions are taken.

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All personnel are to be aware of this policy and relevant risk assessments, they must use all the protective equipment supplied and follow LMS procedures and training guidelines. All personnel are actively encouraged to report any health and safety risks or near miss situations. The LMS Drug and Alcohol Policy clearly states that employees or contractors are not permitted to consume alcohol or illegal drugs immediately prior to or during any operational activity.

Furthermore they are not permitted to have any alcohol or non-prescription drugs in their possession whilst embarked on any vessel. We aim to ensure that the use of alcohol or drugs does not in any way compromise the safety and efficiency of our services; LMS conduct scheduled and random drug and alcohol testing to ensure compliance. In turn senior management are required to investigate the issue and report this to the appropriate authority if necessary; this may include one or more of the following: the Client, the Competent Authorities in the country where the act took place, the country of nationality of the victim, or the country of nationality of the perpetrator.

Private Security and the Law (eBook)

The document is structured around the real-life security and human rights challenges that companies face when operating in complex environments. It sets out good practices and recommendations, and contains a number of checklists and case studies. The new edition has been translated into Spanish and French and been published on the Knowledge Hub. The Toolkit is a living document, developed through extensive consultations with a wide variety of actors and a review process involving a multi-stakeholder group of experts.

The Effective Security Officer's Training Manual, 3rd Edition [Book]

Feedback and suggestions from users are strongly encouraged; this will ensure that the recommendations and tools provided in this Toolkit are effective in addressing challenges on the ground. Learn more. I accept.


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